INGSTROM escape chute is an emergency exit that permits rapid mass evacuation from high rise structures during life threatening emergencies without any need of power source.
It´s a fast and efficient escape system which is ready for use within a few seconds after release and enables as many as 30 people/minute during emergency situation. 
The INGSTROM escape chute evacuates disabled, old, children and unconscious patients as well as patients in stretchers in a quicker and safer way than traditional rescue equipment.

INGSTROM escape chute is offered for following applications:

  • Single-entry escape chute - Serves  one floor/level.
  • Multi-entry escape chute - Serves all floors, similar to stairwell in a multi-floor building.
  • Portable rescue chute - Is mounted to a vehicles skylift/ladder.

INGSTROM escape chute is the solution for rapid mass evacuation in difficult conditions during life threatening emergencies.


INGSTROM escape chute is made of three layers unique fabrics to protect and exit evacuees in a safe way.

The outer layer is made of flexible glassfibre which provides protection against fire, heat and smoke. It resists temperatures up to 800°C and can withstand even higher temperatures if the chute is doused with water.

The middle layer is made by of an elastic ‘spuncell’, a  hybrid fabric which is extremely elastic and can increase three times in size. The middle layer slow down the evacuees when passing through the chute, the speed is determined by the evacuees or by the rescule people on the ground.

The inner layer is made by "aramide", a hybrid fabric which is extremely strong, wear- and fire resistant. The inner layer bears the load of the chute and is able to withstand a total load of 10 000 kg.

All materials used are of EU standards.
All materials tested according to UNE 23-727.
Inner material tested according to ISO 5081 and UNE 40-085-75.